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Best 7 Online Payment Gateways in Nigeria and Africa

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In the before life, online payment has always been a difficult task, there are less eCommerce growth in Nigeria, for reason that buyers couldn’t pay for products online easily. Online business owners in Nigeria send goods by getting their payment on delivery or patrons pay into merchants bank account before they get their goods delivered to them. In the cause of doing that, it might become stressful for buyers to waste their precious time in the bank queuing when the proposed product or goods isn’t even up to 6000 Nigerian Naira.


But now there is now an inspiring and extremely large direction and change in the market today as a result of the lead to online means of payments, it will be so suiting for a business owner in a distance town in anywhere in Nigeria to build and arrange his online store, receive payments and finanly send the customer proposed goods to anywhere in Nigeria. The 7 mode of payments I would share to you Nigerians are ;


1. SWITCHTELLERPAY : It is owned by Emrinet Mobile Limited. They provide many kinds of payment services for Utility Bills which all know as ( Nepa bill ), payment for TV subscriptions, likes of GOTV, DSTV, STARTIMES, etc.


One of the actual purpose we can use switchtellerpay is for receiving cash where instant transfers is assured, it also allows buying of airtime credit for all network providers in Nigeria. You would so much enjoy Switchtellerpay mode because there is no risk attached and you enjoy very low cost for carrying out transactions.


2. FIRSTPAYLINK : Firstpaylink is a work of First Bank of Nigeria, a broad online payment gateway that completes websites of business owners to grant paying of products on the web with the use of Visa and MasterCard cards, E-transact and Interswitch.


3. INTERSWITCH WEBPAY : It stipulates payment services to merchants and customers looking forward to get payment for their particular good(s) and to users with active bank issued cards also looking forward to paying for the product or goods they ordered on the web. An online business owner can be sent his/her payment on the web from bank card owners.


4. PAYSTACK : This is commonly used and the most popular payment gateways as at now. It gives business owners the chance to receive the card of customers either of the debit or credit cards to pay for their goods, customers cards are securely protected. Paystack even allows individuals to send money to any bank across Nigeria with a little fee charged.


5. FLUTTER WAVE : This payment gateway makes it much more cheap and easier to transfer funds around Africa. Flutter wave allows clients to discharge pay for goods in their own currency, Business owners are not to worry about the fees their banks might charge flutter wave has it covered.


6. RAVE : This is a merchandise of Flutter wave that gives website owners the opportunity to receive bank cards of credit or debit for payments from individuals and clients in many countries about 165+ countries in the world. The type of cards collect are Visa, Mastercard and Verve. Even your clients living in the USA, Nigeria and South Africa can absolutely pay you right from their various bank accounts.


7. ETRANZACT : This was designed to allow and mandate payment in interest of business owners. Everything is programmed on the etranzact payment website. All kinds of cards are collected issued in Nigeria or abroad [international cards] in likes of Visa and Master Cards. ETranzact was introduced in the month of SEPTEMBER, year 2003 and grow globally in areas of money transfers.

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