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How To Set Up Foremedia Ads For Blogger (Adsense Alternative For Blogspot)

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You must be here due to experiencing difficulties in setting up your FOREMEDIA.NET publishers account. I will explain every set up in details with pictures so you can understand and carry out the set up so foremedia ads can start displaying on your site. Before all of that I would like to talk a little about this new ads network that’s now trending.


In this foremedia ads review, we will be looking at being one of the best high paying adsense alternatives, foremedia activation for blogger, how to set up foremedia ads on blogger blog, about foremedia, adsense alternatives for blogspot.


What am going to be teaching you do today is to set up the 4 processes to getting approval on foremedia so you can start monetizing your traffics. ads network can be used on blogger and WordPress blogs but right now I will be showing you the tutorials for the 4 setups for blogger and maybe if have got time I will explain that of WordPress too.





FOREMEDIA.NET is the newest advertising company in the industry right now and it is so close to operating like Google Adsense, just like how adsense displays users publishers earnings is the same way foremedia does it, the only different thing is the set up process for ads approval which is just 4 steps to begin. You know just after Ezoic Ad Network, you can say and use FOREMEDIA.NET as adsense best alternative.




STEP 1 : Go to and create an account if you don’t have one yet.


STEP 2 : Click on Getting started, just after successful registration on your foremedia publisher dashboard.


STEP 3 : 


You see 4 STEP TO BEGIN, “Ads.txt Setup“, “Analytics Setup“, “Payments” and “Validation time is up to 7 business days“.


STEP 4 : 


Click on Ads.txt Setup copy the code snippet go to blogger settings, scroll down to Monetization, Turn on ” Enable Custom ads.txt ” then paste the code in the custom ads.txt space.




STEP 5 : 


Click on Analytics setup and copy the code snippet then go to blogger dashboard, select theme, edit html and paste the code right after the <head> tag and save.


STEP 6 :


Click on Payments to add your mode of payment, select bank transfer and enter your bank account details.


STEP 7 : For Validation time is up to 7 business days just leave it when it reaches 7 business days of creating your account, 7 business days is counted during working days that’s from Monday to Friday. Let’s say you create your FOREMEDIA.NET account on Wednesday then it means the validation time will be next week Friday.



The setup process takes time it is not instant, it takes up to 2 to 4 days before foremedia team mark each of your setups so be calm. And even before that foremedia begins to track and record your daily traffic.


You can start placing your foremedia ads code on your blog so after approval ads can begin to show immediately.


To do that login to your foremedia publisher account and click the ” Business Manager ” tab and copy any of the code snippet and paste in the layout section just where you want the ads to show. The title Banner Map will show how each ads is going to be its been labeled.




Good news guys, just after some hours FOREMEDIA.NET approved my website am sure you can now see ads are live on it and it’s just the same with adsense ads.. Congratulations to me! and a big thank you to Foremedia team and to my visitors.


Just do everything has I have vividly explained in this post, FOREMEDIA team will review and approve your website in line with adsense rules stating that your site should appear original, all of it content should be plagiarism free and all pages [ Contact us, disclaimer, privacy policy and about us] added. Goodluck and pls help share this post. Thanks.


If you have any question whatsoever, you can comment below your questions or ask me via the contact us page on this blog.


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Godwin Nwaobasi

bro @mjblog since u said foremedia has before displayed adsense ads on ur site but not anymore i will suggest you just wait it happened to me but in about a week time adsense ads came back.. ur option to remove ur site you can ask foremedia team on that but i will advise to wait.. cos nigga its google ads we are talking about they choose where to be, contact foremedia for help

Godwin Nwaobasi

Hermano, tiene razón, pero el mío siempre muestra anuncios de adsense, aunque a veces cambia a anuncios nativos nuevamente, solo tenemos que trabajar con él ya que adsense es difícil


Hello boss you can help me check my site the layout is user friendly … All what you posted on solution to foremedia not showing adsense ads I have already done …. The problem was at first it was showing google ads but later it stopped and started showing me native ads …. That what I don't understand… So what am trying to saying is that I want to remove my site from there so as to reapply… Please boss what can I do


Foremedia no solo trabaja con anuncios de Adsense,tambien tiene otros patners. <–

Ahora, si tu sitio cumple con los rquisitos de adsense foremedia optara por mostrar esos anuncios, de lo contrario usara otro tipos de anuncios como los nativos u otros banners.
Fue mi experiencia.
Aprobecho de comentar que aun no logro llegar a los 100 USD por que cada dia las ganancias son bajisimas.

Godwin Nwaobasi

hey mjblog.. do u want to remove ur site from foremedia now or? ok first have u contacted foremedia about it?.. also i dropped an article that can help.. google search [ solution to foremedia not showing adsense ads ]


Boss please my foremedia ads are not showing like google ads… It showing like native ads and the earnings are so low even with my impression .. I don't know if I should remove my site from them I don't know how to do it

Godwin Nwaobasi

ok gracias hombre, cual es tu sitio web déjame verlo también.


de Igual manera me comprometo a comentar mi resultado del pago, saludos

Godwin Nwaobasi

No, todavía no, pero las ganancias se están acumulando en la cuenta, las ganancias deben llegar a $ 100 antes de que pueda solicitar el pago, solo espero que paguen y prometo mostrar mi comprobante de pago inmediatamente. Gracias .


Lograste conseguir tu primer pago?, temo que sean estafa

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