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UK Fully Funded Scholarships 2022/2023 (Apply Now!)

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Recently, Universities in the United Kingdom have been offering free scholarships that are fully funded and in this article we are going to focus on fully funded scholarships that are currently ongoing. Below are UK Fully Funded Scholarships 2022/2023;


1. British University of Sheffield Scholarships 2023-2024 for International Students

Our number one is University Of Sheffield scholarships which is currently ongoing. These scholarships is for only international students and the scholarships are below;


Undergraduate Sheffield University Scholarships

  1. International school of Choueifat
  2.  Undergraduate merit scholarship
  3. NCUK merit scholarship
  4. Delhi Public School Society
  5.  Undergraduate merit scholarships
  6. NCUK Undergraduate Scholarships
  7. GEMS undergraduate scholarship
  8. Sheffield University Presidential Scholarship
  9. International Baccalaureate scholarship.

Graduate Sheffield University Scholarships

  1. Chevening Scholarships
  2. NCUK Merit Scholarships
  3. NCUK Postgraduate Taught Scholarships
  4. Allan and Nesta Ferguson Charitable
  5.  Trust Masters Scholarships
  6. Gaza-Palestine Postgraduate Taught Scholarship
  7. UKEAS Taiwan Scholarship
  8. Sir Sze-yuen Chung Scholarship

The scholarships would cover 50-100 percent of your university tuition fees and the University of Sheffield Scholarships’ value is between 2000-8000 euros per year.


#See: Top Countries For International Students 2022/2023 To Study Abroad


Eligibility Criteria

  1. The University of Sheffield’s academic programs or courses must begin in 2022-2023.
  2. Before submitting your application, review the language proficiency criteria.
  3. You cannot have received any other award previously.
  4. Accept a full-time degree plan.
  5. The applicant’s educational background should be impressive.

#Note : The scholarship provisions are subject to change at the discretion of the university’s administration. The scholarships are only available for a limited time as it began on the 3rd of October and will end on the 30th of November. Apply Now!


2. British University of Nottingham Scholarships 2023-2024 Without IELTS



Applications for Nottingham University’s fully-funded Scholarships for BSc, MSc, Ph.D, and exchange courses for 2023-2024 are now open. The public research university, located in Nottingham, England, offers a variety of degree programs and scholarships to students interested in furthering their education every year. Some of their ongoing scholarships are;


1. Sports-related scholarships for Undergraduate and Masters Studies

Students who are interested in sports and have athletic talents may be eligible for this scholarship. This Scholarship is perfect for them as because of their talent, they might be chosen for any of the degree program and will receive a £5000 tuition grant, as well as free physiotherapy sessions, and fitness and sports club memberships. Scholarships from under this category are Deng Yaping Sports Scholarship (for Chinese badminton and table tennis players), International Sporting Excellence Awards, and more.


2. Regional Undergraduate Excellence Award

Students from eligible regional areas are eligible for this scholarship, and their tuition for the first year of an undergraduate course will be covered by this program. The scholarship provides £7000 to qualified students.


3. Regional Excellence Awards for Master’s degree programs

This scholarship is available to graduate students from any qualified regional country. Students from all over the world can apply for this scholarship while pursuing their Master’s degree. It should be noted that the value of the scholarship may vary depending on the region. To be eligible, applicants must be enrolled in a Master’s degree program and have an offer letter from the department.

#Note : The scholarships began on March 3rd, 2022 and are still ongoing. The end date is not yet released by the University. Apply Now! 

3. University of Plymouth Scholarships Without IELTS in 2022 – UK Scholarships

Plymouth University in England, United Kingdom, offers a number of scholarships to international students who wish to study there. Applicants who are eligible to apply for the scholarship are to fill out the application form, but if you haven’t already, you must do so first. Plymouth University awards 100 scholarships to international students each year.


Their Value of Award is £2000 per year, paying off your tuition fees. The scholarships started on may 22nd, 2022 and will end on the 1st of December, 2022. As soon as you apply for the scholarship, the eligibility Criteria will be automatically given to you. Apply Now!


4. University Of Oxford Scholarships in 2022 for 2023: Chance to Study for free in UK


Fully paid scholarships


Oxford University for next year’s batch is currently ongoing so start applying now while you can!. The scholarships are applied online and it’s for both degree and non-degree programs in 2022. The acceptance rate of Oxford University ranges from 17.5% , so not get accepted for the scholarships is high..


How To Apply

1. Go to Oxford University wep page on your browser and go to the ‘currently open’ scholarships section in the web page.

2. Before applying, check out the eligibility criteria, coverage plan and details of the scholarships

3. Select the scholarship program you wish to apply for

4. Look at the documents required for application and prepare them ahead of time and check if the application method has been changed, whether it’s still online or offline.

5. After filling in the necessary details of your scholarship application, make sure you go through it before submission.

6. Submit your application with your documents and wait for your interview call or final results.


5. University of Warwick Scholarships 2022-2023: Online Application Submission



Good news to both local students and international students as University Of Warwick offers scholarships this year. Their scholarships are;

  1. Warwick International Foundation Programme (IFP) 2022(which is for international and local students),
  2. Bolashaq Program (which is for Kazakhstani nationals),
  3. Canadian Centennial Scholarship fund (which is for Canadian nationals)(funding is 20,000 dollars for 3 years)
  4. Albukhary Undergraduate Scholarships (which is for Malaysia nationals) (funding is $70,000 per year),
  5. The Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships Program (for Canadian citizens and Foreign citizens)
  6. ANII (Agencia National de Investigacion e Innovacion) (it is only for Post-graduate students from Uruguay )
  7. Warwick DAAD German Scholarship Exchange Service (for Germans only and for Master’s students)
  8. Banco de la Republica Scholarships (for Columbian nationals)
  9. Banco de Mexico FIDERH Scholarships (for Mexican nationals) (covers 50% of tuition fees)
  10. BECAL (BECAS Don Carlos Antonio Lopez – Excelencia es Futuro) (for only Paraguayan nationals)
  11. BECAS Honduras 2022 Scholarships (for only Honduran nationals)
  12. British Council Scholarships for women in STEM (For south Asia women)
  13. CAPES Scholarships (for Brazilian Nationals)
  14. Warwick Chevening Scholarships
    (For any Chevening-eligible country citizen).. Information On How To Apply

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