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Bond University HDR Scholarship 2023-2024

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Bond University in Australia offers Higher Degree by Research (HDR) scholarships for students pursuing research-based Master’s or PhD degrees.

The scholarships cover tuition fees, provide a stipend for living expenses, and support for research-related costs.

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About Bond University

Bond University HDR Scholarship 2023-2024

Bond University is a private, non-profit university located in Queensland, Australia. It was founded in 1989 and is known for its small class sizes, individualized attention, and flexible study options. Bond University offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in a wide range of disciplines, including business, law, health sciences, and the arts.

The university is accredited by the Australian government and has a reputation for academic excellence. Bond University has a strong emphasis on research and innovation, and provides students with opportunities to work with world-class researchers and to participate in cutting-edge research projects.

Bond University is located on the Gold Coast, one of Australia’s most popular tourist destinations. The campus is situated near beaches, parks, and other recreational facilities, offering students a unique blend of academic and lifestyle opportunities.

In summary, Bond University is a high-quality, research-focused university located in a dynamic and beautiful part of Australia, offering students a unique and personalized university experience.


The benefits of the Bond University HDR scholarship include:

Tuition fee coverage: The scholarship covers the full cost of tuition fees for the duration of the program.

Stipend: A stipend is provided to support the recipient’s living expenses during the program.

Research support: The scholarship may provide funding for research-related costs, such as equipment, travel, and conference attendance.

Professional development: Recipients of the scholarship have opportunities to attend workshops and events that promote their professional development.

Access to resources: Scholars have access to the University’s extensive resources, including libraries, laboratories, and computing facilities.


To be eligible for the Bond University HDR scholarship, you need to meet the following requirements:

Citizenship: You may need to be a citizen of Australia or a permanent resident.

Degree requirements: You may need to have completed an undergraduate or postgraduate degree, with a high level of academic achievement.

Research proposal: You may need to submit a research proposal that demonstrates the potential for original and valuable contributions to your field of study.

Supervision: You may need to have a Bond University academic staff member agree to supervise your research.

Required Documents

The required documents for applying for the Bond University HDR scholarship include:

Application form: You may need to complete an online application form, which may include personal and academic information, as well as details of your research proposal.

Curriculum Vitae (CV): A current CV, including details of your academic background, employment history, and any relevant research or professional experience.

Research Proposal: A detailed research proposal that outlines the aims, methodology, and potential impact of your research project.

Academic transcripts: Official academic transcripts from all tertiary institutions attended.

Proof of English proficiency: If English is not your first language, you may need to provide proof of English proficiency, such as a TOEFL or IELTS score.

References: Letters of recommendation from academic or professional referees.

Other supporting documents: Depending on the specific scholarship, you may be asked to provide additional supporting documents, such as a writing sample or a sample of your research output.

How To Apply Online

To apply for the Bond University HDR scholarship online, you need to follow these steps:

Check the eligibility criteria: Make sure that you meet the eligibility requirements for the scholarship.

Prepare the required documents: Gather all the necessary documents, such as your CV, research proposal, academic transcripts, and proof of English proficiency (if required).

Visit the Bond University website: Go to the Bond University websiteBond University website and navigate to the scholarship page.

Fill out the online application form: Complete the online application form, which may include personal and academic information, as well as details of your research proposal.

Upload the required documents: Upload the required documents, including your CV, research proposal, academic transcripts, and any other supporting documents.

Submit the application: Submit the completed online application, along with all required documents.

Wait for a decision: After you have submitted the application, you will need to wait for a decision on your scholarship application.

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It is important to carefully follow the instructions and requirements provided by Bond University, as failure to do so may result in your application being rejected. We would also advise you to check the Bond University website for any updates or changes to the application process.


Closing date – 31st March 2023;

Closing date – 30th September 2023.

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