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Cancer Scholarships To Fund Cancer Studies And Research In 2022 (Apply Now!)

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Cancer scholarships, which fund cancer studies and research, have been a major trend on the internet and on social media as students are looking for these scholarship programs. For you to click on this article, you must be one of those students.

Now in this article, we will be talking about 6 cancer scholarships that fund cancer studies and research. Below are the scholarships:

1. Australian National Breast Cancer Foundation Grants

The Australian National Breast Cancer Foundation is the primary funder of all breast cancer research in Australia. NBCF has funded over 370 Australian-based research projects since its inception. Last year, in the month of January, the NBCF added another scholarship to help fund breast cancer research. The organization provides a wide range of grants to researchers interested in conducting breast cancer research.

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2. Lymphoma Research Foundation Grants and Awards

Scientists and clinicians are constantly learning about the causes, prevention, and treatment of various types of cancer through in-depth research. The Lymphoma Research Foundation provides grants and awards to students who want to conduct research on lymphoma in order to support and fund their research.

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3. The Cancer Society of New Zealand, Research Grants, and Training Scholarships

The Cancer Society of New Zealand is the country’s leading funder of life-saving and cutting-edge cancer research. It provides research grants as well as training scholarships to qualified researchers from all over the world. The foundation only accepts applications from researchers who have demonstrated the ability and desire to detect and treat cancer more efficiently through their research.

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4. Head and Neck Cancer Alliance Community Service Grants

The American Head and Neck Society provides Head and Neck Cancer Alliance Community Service Grants in support of a project or community activities related to Oral Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Week. There are three grants available, two of which are AHNS Community Service Grants and one of which is funded by the Head and Neck Cancer Alliance.

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5. Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Academic Grants

The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society provides academic grants to researchers in order to encourage basic and translational lymphoma, leukemia, and myeloma research. Applicants who wish to conduct additional research in this area may apply for this academic grant to support and fund their efforts.

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6. American Association for Cancer Research

The AACR offers a wide variety of scholarships for cancer research and studies. They have separate scholarships for individual researchers, joint researchers, and postdoctoral and clinical fellows. The organization focuses on preventing and curing cancer through communication, research, studies, and collaboration, and it supports its researchers with a variety of scholarship programs.

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7. Cancer Research Institute Fellowships

The Cancer Research Institute’s primary goal is to combat cancer through applied knowledge, expanded research, coordinated partnerships, and community commitment. The institute provides several postdoctoral and predoctoral fellowships to students pursuing cancer research in order to develop more FDA-approved immunotherapies for patients with various types of cancer.

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8. Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation Fellowships and Awards

The Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation funds early-career cancer researchers through fellowships and awards. These fellowships and awards are open to applicants who have the potential, drive, and creativity to become the leading innovators in cancer research. Four different fellowship programs are available to encourage and advance the work of cancer researchers.

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9. American Cancer Society Research Scholarships and Grants

For more than a century, the American Cancer Society has worked to prevent cancer, save lives, and create a world with fewer cancer cases. It provides mentored training, career development grants, and scholarships to students and researchers interested in cancer research.

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10. Kimmel Scholars Award

Every year, the Sidney Kimmel Foundation funds the Kimmel Scholars Program through a distinguished medical advisory board. This scholarship is primarily given to the nation’s most promising young cancer researchers. The primary goal of this award is to improve the basic understanding of cancer biology and to develop new developments and methods for preventing and curing cancer in patients.

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Top 3 Universities to Pursue Cancer Studies

If you are not interested in any of the scholarships mentioned above, you can look at these top 3 universities to pursue your cancer studies. This university is the best there is. Check them out below!

1. University of Glasgow Institute of Cancer Sciences

The University of Glasgow Institute of Cancer Sciences was founded in late 2010 with the goal of bringing clinicians and scientists together to develop best-in-class cancer research, patient care, and drug discovery for cancer patients. The university has made significant contributions to society by producing some of the best professionals in the field. The cancer center provides a Master of Science in cancer science program, PhD opportunities, online courses, and clinical research fellowships.

2. University of Arizona Cancer Center

Since its inception in 1976, the University of Arizona Cancer Center has been dedicated to cancer prevention and treatment. It is one of 41 comprehensive cancer centers in the United States, and it is the only one that is headquartered in and serves the entire state of Arizona. The National Cancer Institute has named it the Comprehensive Cancer Center of the Nation, the organization’s highest honor. The institute offers a graduate interdisciplinary cancer biology program. This course allows students to specialize in a variety of areas.

3. The University of Queensland Cancer Studies

Cancer studies at the University of Queensland are well-known and competitive internationally. The most recent and notable achievement of UQ in Cancer Studies is its groundbreaking contribution to the development of the Gardasil vaccine, which is now used globally to reduce the incidence of cervical cancer. This innovative work has received global recognition and several prestigious awards. UQ’s Cancer Studies program includes courses in oncology, cancer vaccines, cancer therapies, cancer diagnostics, and carcinogenesis.

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