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Best German Scholarships For International Students

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As an international student, I’m sure you clicked this article so you could see information about German scholarships for international students.

Well, you’ve come to the right place, as in this article we are going to be looking at 3 top German Scholarships for International Students, which happen annually:

The Deutschlandstipendium at German Universities

Hosted by: German Government

Study: Bachelor’s or master’s degree in any subject at German universities.

Deadline: university-dependent (annual)

Study in: Germany


High-achieving students from around the world who want to study Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs at public and state-recognized universities in Germany can apply for the Deutschlandstipendium, Germany’s largest public-private partnership scholarship program.

Many universities and private sponsors also provide assistance to holders of the Deutschlandstipendium through concurrent mentoring programs, networking events, and internships.

German Scholarships

Scholarship Value

Funding is typically provided for at least two semesters, but may be extended to cover the standard period of study.

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The university reviews whether the scholarship holder still meets the award criteria and whether private funding will be available at two-semester intervals.

Each scholar will receive €300 per month (150 euros from private sponsors and 150 euros from the federal government).

The Deutschlandstipendium is given regardless of personal or parental income.


Aside from excellent academic performance, the criteria for receiving a scholarship include civic engagement and exceptional personal achievements, such as overcoming challenges or obstacles in one’s social or family background.

As a result, the candidate’s social and family background are also considered. The scholarship is open to both current and prospective students.

How to Apply

Students from all nationalities can apply directly to their university for the first and second semesters. The universities organize the selection process, select the successful candidates, and approach potential sponsors with federal government funding.

The application deadline varies depending on the university.

It is critical to go to the official website (link provided below) for more information on how to apply for this scholarship.


Official Scholarship Website


Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Scholarships for International Students

Hosted by: German universities

Study: Masters and PhD degrees in any subject, except medicine, dentistry, and veterinary medicine, are available.

Deadline: 1 October/1 April (annually)

Study in: Germany

Course starts April/October 2022.


The Rosa-Luxemburg-Scholarship Stiftung’s Department awards Masters and PhD scholarships to highly qualified international students who wish to study in Germany. Individuals with a high level of social and political engagement should be considered.

Target Group

Students from all over the world attend. Women, students from non-academic and immigrant backgrounds, the socially in need, and people with disabilities who have demonstrated achievement and commitment are given preference.

Scholarship Value

The international student scholarship is in the form of a living grant for the duration of the standard study program. International students’ tuition fees are not covered.

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The Scholarship Department of the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung provides scholars with a wide range of support, including political education events and summer schools, domestic and international workshops, symposia, and educational trips.

It also organizes practical training in areas such as rhetoric, conflict resolution, and other key skills, time management and self-management, academic qualification enhancement, text and writing workshops, and methodology-specific seminars.


The Scholarship Department provides grants to foreign students (MA only) and PhD students who are studying or conducting research in Germany. The requirements are as follows:

• Knowledge of the German language (B2-level or above)

• MA students must be enrolled in a German state or state-recognized university.

• PhD candidates must be admitted to a German university.

Applicants for MA and PhD scholarships from Egypt, Libya, Lebanon, Tunisia, Yemen, Jordan, Morocco, and Iraq may be graduate students pursuing an MA, diploma, or state examination in Germany, or doctoral students pursuing a PhD or doctoral research in Germany.

The selection criteria are:

• Outstanding scholarly and professional credentials (proof of above-average academic achievement in high school and/or university)

• Political and social engagement in accordance with the Rosa-Luxemburg-Objectives Stiftung’s

• Knowledge of the German language (B2 level or above).

• Personal or family history

How to Apply

Scholarship applications are submitted online. The deadline for applications is 1 October for grants beginning in the summer semester of the following year (1 April) or 1 April for grants beginning in the winter semester of the same year (1 October).

It is critical to go to the official website (link provided below) for more information on how to apply for this scholarship.


Official Scholarship Website


Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarships

Hosted by: German universities and technical colleges

Study: Bachelors, Masters, or PhD degrees in any subject

Deadline: 30 November or 31 May (the next year, annually)

Study in: Germany

Course starts in the winter or summer every year.


The Friedrich Ebert Stiftung offers scholarships to both German and international students who wish to pursue bachelor’s, master’s, or PhD degrees at German universities or technical colleges. Any subject could be studied. The Foundation assists young talents who want to further their personal development and become leaders in their fields. The Foundation is looking for people who are passionate about social and political issues.

Target Group

Students from all over the world can participate. The Foundation primarily assists students with limited financial resources or who come from immigrant families.

Scholarship Value

Scholars may be paid up to €744 per month. Furthermore, there is a flat-rate monthly study fee of €300 that all scholars are free to use. Scholars may also receive a contribution to health insurance of up to €71 and long-term care insurance of up to €15 per month, depending on their situation. Scholars with children are eligible for a monthly family allowance of €155. The scholarship is not required to be repaid.

During the funding period, the Foundation supports stays abroad by subsidizing travel expenses, tuition fees, and international health insurance, particularly for study or research stays, language courses, and internships of up to 12 months.


Applicants could be Germans, foreign students with an education, or refugees. Individuals committed to society should apply, for example, through active participation in the student council, youth work, participation in associations and NGOs, or political organizations that align with the tenets of the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung.

Those who have previously attended a German university are ineligible.

Applicants must demonstrate sociopolitical engagement and identification with social democratic values, as well as above-average performance in school and studies, political thinking, a thirst for knowledge, tolerance and openness, teamwork, critical thinking, and self-reflection.

Applicants for basic bachelor’s and master’s degree programs must have the following qualifications:

• Confirmation of study place or a certificate of enrollment at a state- or state-recognized German university or technical college for the course for which they wish to be funded.

• Foreign applicants must also demonstrate sufficient German language skills.

• First-year students (Germans and foreign students with education) must apply before or at the start of the first semester.

PhD funding applicants must have the following:

• Unconditional notification of doctoral scholarship acceptance

• Foreign applicants must also demonstrate adequate German language proficiency.

How to Apply

To apply, complete the online application form. If you are eligible for a scholarship, the Foundation will contact you via email to request additional documents.

The deadline for international students to apply for Masters degree scholarships is November 30, 2021, for the winter semester and May 31, 2022, for the summer semester. PhD candidates are welcome to apply at any time.

All other students should consult the official website (link provided below) for application deadlines.

It is critical to go to the official website to get the online application link and more information on how to apply for this scholarship.


Official Scholarship Website

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