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GEI Global Clinical Internship for Graduate Students

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The Global Evaluation Initiative (GEI) is pleased to announce the commencement of the Global Clinical Internship in Rwanda. This six-month graduate internship program offers a unique opportunity for passionate mental health professionals to develop their skills while being immersed in the culture of Rwanda. Through this internship, participants will collaborate with local host institutions and organizations, gaining invaluable insight into the country’s distinctive mental health situation.

As an inclusive global partnership, GEI is dedicated to promoting evidence-based decision-making, enhancing accountability, and achieving better results in public policy and development initiatives. The following article goes into the details of the GEI Global Clinical Internship, highlighting its objectives, eligibility criteria, application procedures, and the profound impact it can have on mental health professionals seeking to make a difference in Rwanda.

Objectives of the GEI Global Clinical Internship

GEI Global Clinical Internship for Graduate Students

The GEI Global Clinical Internship in Rwanda serves a vital role in enhancing the mental health sector in both the host country and the participants’ home countries. The program aims to achieve the following objectives:

1. Capacity Development: GEI seeks to foster the development of country-owned, sustainable monitoring and evaluation (M&E) frameworks to promote evidence-based decision-making in Rwanda’s mental health initiatives. By empowering local professionals with robust evaluation skills, the program aims to build and strengthen M&E capacities to facilitate better-informed decision processes.

2. Collaboration and Partnerships: The internship facilitates strategic partnerships between local, regional, and global mental health actors and experts. By convening M&E stakeholders, GEI aims to catalyze collective efforts in addressing the mental health challenges faced by Rwanda and other countries worldwide.

3. Cultural Immersion: Participants of the internship will have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich and fascinating culture of Rwanda. By engaging with the local community and institutions, interns can gain a deeper understanding of the country’s unique mental health situation and the socio-cultural factors that influence it.

4. Professional Development: The program provides a platform for mental health professionals to apply their knowledge and skills in a real-world setting. Interns will gain valuable field experience in mental health and related disciplines, contributing to sustainable development efforts in Rwanda.

5. Global Perspective: By bringing together professionals from diverse backgrounds and nationalities, the internship fosters a global perspective on mental health challenges and solutions. This cross-cultural exchange enriches the participants’ understanding of international mental health issues and potential interventions.

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Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the GEI Global Clinical Internship in Rwanda, applicants must meet the following criteria:

1. Educational Background: The program is open to graduates with a Bachelor’s (B.Sc) or Master’s (M.Sc) degree in mental health disciplines or related subjects. This ensures that participants have a strong foundation in the field of mental health and can effectively contribute to the internship’s objectives.

2. Students and Professionals: The program welcomes applications from students, recent graduates, and working professionals in the mental health sector. This diversity in experience and expertise fosters a collaborative and dynamic learning environment during the internship.

3. Passion for Mental Health: Applicants must demonstrate a genuine passion for mental health and a commitment to making a positive impact in this field. This passion will drive participants to actively engage in the internship and contribute meaningfully to the host institutions and organizations.

4. Global Outlook: The internship welcomes participants from any nationality, emphasizing the importance of a global outlook in addressing mental health challenges. The diverse backgrounds of interns contribute to the richness of cross-cultural experiences and knowledge exchange.

5. Commitment to Rwanda: Prospective participants must show a keen interest in understanding Rwanda’s mental health situation and contribute constructively to the host institutions and organizations. A willingness to embrace the local culture and work collaboratively with the community is essential for a successful internship experience.

Application Procedures

Applying for the GEI Global Clinical Internship in Rwanda is a straightforward process. Interested candidates should follow these steps:

1. Online Application: Applicants can access the application form through the provided link on the GEI website. The form will require essential personal and educational details, as well as responses to specific questions related to the applicant’s passion for mental health and interest in the internship.

2. Submission of Supporting Documents: Along with the application form, candidates will be required to submit their academic transcripts, a resume or curriculum vitae (CV), and a statement of purpose outlining their motivation for joining the internship and how they believe it will contribute to their professional growth.

3. Review and Selection: The applications will undergo a comprehensive review process to assess each candidate’s suitability for the internship. Factors such as academic background, relevant experience, passion for mental health, and commitment to Rwanda’s development will be taken into consideration during the selection process.

4. Notification of Acceptance: Successful applicants will receive notification of their acceptance into the internship program. They will be provided with further details regarding the program’s schedule, logistics, and preparation requirements.

Application Deadline

Not specified

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Impact of the GEI Global Clinical Internship

The GEI Global Clinical Internship in Rwanda has the potential to create a lasting impact on both the participants and the host country. Here are some of the profound effects that the internship can bring about:

1. Strengthened Mental Health Capacities: By collaborating with local host institutions and organizations, participants can contribute to the development of robust M&E frameworks in Rwanda’s mental health sector. This increased capacity will enable evidence-based decision-making and foster better mental health outcomes in the country.

2. Knowledge Exchange: The internship facilitates a two-way knowledge exchange between participants and the local community. Mental health professionals from different parts of the world can share best practices, innovative approaches, and culturally sensitive interventions, leading to a broader understanding of mental health challenges and solutions.

3. Empowered Mental Health Professionals: The program provides a transformative learning experience for interns, equipping them with valuable field experience and a deep appreciation for diverse cultural perspectives. These empowered professionals return to their home countries with enhanced skills and a broader worldview, enriching the global mental health landscape.

4. Sustainable Development Impact: By engaging in real-world conservation and community development work, interns contribute directly to sustainable development efforts in Rwanda. The internship’s focus on evidence-based decision-making ensures that these contributions have a lasting impact on the country’s mental health sector.


The GEI Global Clinical Internship in Rwanda offers an unparalleled opportunity for passionate mental health professionals to make a meaningful impact in a fascinating country. Through capacity development, cultural immersion, and collaboration with local stakeholders, interns can contribute to sustainable mental health initiatives while gaining invaluable field experience.

The program’s emphasis on evidence-based decision-making and global perspectives aligns with GEI’s commitment to enhancing public policy and achieving better results in international development efforts. By participating in this internship, mental health professionals can be part of a transformative journey that empowers individuals and communities while advancing the field of mental health on a global scale.

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