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Victoria University of Wellington Scholarships

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Victoria University of Wellington offers a range of scholarships for international students to support their studies. Some of the scholarships include:

  • Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarships
  • Emerging Leaders Scholarships
  • New Zealand Pacific Scholarships
  • International Research Masters Scholarships
  • International Merit Scholarships

You can find more information and the application process on the Victoria University of Wellington scholarship page

The scholarships offered by Victoria University of Wellington aim to support and encourage international students to pursue their studies at the university.

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The scholarships cover a range of fields and have different eligibility criteria, including academic merit, financial need, and leadership potential. Some of the scholarships also provide a stipend to help with living expenses.

Here is a brief overview of some of the scholarships offered:

  1. Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarships – for high-achieving international students
  2. Emerging Leaders Scholarships – for students with leadership potential
  3. New Zealand Pacific Scholarships – for students from Pacific Island countries
    International Research Masters
  4. Scholarships – for students enrolled in a research master’s program
  5. International Merit Scholarships – for international students based on academic merit.

About Victoria University of Wellington

Victoria University of Wellington Scholarships

Victoria University of Wellington is a public research university located in Wellington, New Zealand. It was established in 1897 and is known for its strong research and teaching programs in areas such as law, humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. Some of the key features of Victoria University of Wellington include:

  1. High-quality research and teaching – the university is recognized for its cutting-edge research and high-quality teaching programs.
  2. Diverse student body – Victoria University of Wellington has a diverse student body with students from over 100 different countries.
  3. World-class facilities – the university has state-of-the-art facilities, including libraries, research centers, and sports facilities.
  4. Experiential learning opportunities – students have access to hands-on learning experiences through internships, co-ops, and research projects.
  5. Strong student support services – the university offers a range of support services to help students with their academic and personal needs, including academic advising, career services, and health services.
  6. Vibrant campus life – the university has a lively campus culture with a wide range of clubs, organizations, and events.
  7. Victoria University of Wellington is a well-respected university with a strong reputation for academic excellence and student success.


The benefits of receiving a scholarship from Victoria University of Wellington can vary depending on the specific scholarship you receive. However, some of the common benefits include:

  1. Tuition fee waiver or reduction – many scholarships cover some or all of the tuition fees.
  2. Financial support – some scholarships also provide a stipend or living allowance to help with living expenses.
  3. Recognition – receiving a scholarship can be a recognition of your academic achievements, leadership potential, or research abilities.
  4. Networking opportunities – scholarship recipients often have access to a network of other scholars and alumni, providing opportunities for professional and personal growth.
  5. Improved study experience – scholarships can provide financial support and reduce financial stress, allowing students to focus on their studies and have a better overall university experience.

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General Required Documents

  • Completed scholarship application form
    Official transcripts or academic records
  • Proof of English language proficiency (e.g. TOEFL, IELTS)
  • Personal statement or motivation letter
    Recommendation letters from teachers or academic supervisors
  • Resume or CV
  • Proof of financial need (for scholarships based on financial need)
  • Any other relevant supporting documents (e.g. portfolio, research proposal, etc.)

How To Apply Online

To apply for a scholarship at Victoria University of Wellington, you can follow these steps:

  1. Visit the scholarship page on the Victoria University of Wellington website
  2. Read through the different scholarship options to determine which scholarship(s) you are eligible to apply for and interested in.
  3. Review the eligibility criteria, application requirements, and guidelines for the scholarship(s) you wish to apply for.
  4. Prepare all the required documents as outlined on the scholarship page.
  5. Submit your application online through the Victoria University of Wellington scholarship portal.
  6. Wait for a response from the university regarding your scholarship application.

It’s important to submit your application by the deadline and to provide complete and accurate information on the application form. Additionally, make sure you meet all the eligibility criteria for the scholarship(s) you are applying for.


Trimester 1: hall applications open 1 August, due 1 October.

Trimester 2: hall applications open 1 April, due 1 May.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can domestic students apply for scholarships at Victoria University of Wellington?

No, scholarships at Victoria University of Wellington are for international students only.

Is a scholarship at Victoria University of Wellington renewable?

The renewal of scholarships at Victoria University of Wellington may depend on the scholarship. Some scholarships are renewable for the duration of your studies, while others are only for a single year. It’s important to check the specific scholarship page for renewal information.

How do I find out if I have been awarded a scholarship at Victoria University of Wellington?

You will be notified by the university if you have been awarded a scholarship. It’s important to check your email and the scholarship portal regularly for updates on your scholarship application.

Can I apply for multiple scholarships at Victoria University of Wellington?

Yes, you can apply for multiple scholarships at Victoria University of Wellington. However, you can only receive one scholarship per year.

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